Apostolis and Nana Lykos welcome you to their winery in Malakondas on the Greek island of Evia. Here, our passion for wine is combined with a 40-year culinary tradition, which we inherited from our forefathers and continue to honor, while respecting the natural environment and safeguarding it for future generations.


The story of the Lykos family winery goes way back to the time when father now grandfather- Lykos used grapes from his own and other local vineyards to make traditional white, red and rose wines in a stone winepress to complement the exquisite delicacies served in the family’s tavern. His son Apostolis, the heart and soul of the family and a true culinary artiste, made a dynamic entrance into the field of quality wine making, establishing a modern and efficient winery in the backyard of the family’s renowned tavern, realizing his father’s enduring vision of producing brand name bottled wines in family owned facilities. With Evia steadily developing into a vintner’s paradise and new wineries emerging and flourishing throughout the island, the Lykos winery remains faithful to the tradition of uniquely matching fine wines with Greek culinary delights.


The vineyards we work with are located in central and southern Evia, Boeotia, Thebes and other parts of Central Greece, as well as famous Nemea in the Peloponnese. We have selected hillside terrain with good drainage planted with varieties such as Assyrtiko, Savatiano, Roditis, Athiri, Malagousia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Grenache Rouge, Vradiano and Mavrokoudoura. Vineyards with a southern exposure that maximizes the amount of sunlight, and benefiting from gentle sea breezes provide ideal conditions for quality wine grapes and excellent vintages. Combining fine raw materials, expert wine making know how and cutting edge technology, we consistently produce top notch vintages, taking full advantage of each vineyard’s unique terroir.


Adventurous ‘palates’ visiting our winery will observe our stainless steel fermentation vats equipped with refrigeration mantles for optimal temperature control and will be shown around our automated bottling line. They will also tour our climate-controlled subterranean cellars filled with oak barrels and older vintages maturing in bottles, and will have the opportunity to sample the exquisite collection of Lykos family wines in our specially designed tasting room. Touring our winery is by itself a unique experience. Apostolis Lykos shares his passion for wine making with his family and especially his beloved wife Nana, who stands by him in every step of the way, from the pressing of grapes to bottling and marketing. So, we invite you to experience first hand the wonderful wines of this loving family and boldly explore their unique taste and distinct bouquet, freely joining in this exuberant riot of the senses.


The Lykos Winery is located in Malakondas on the island of Evia, 80km NE of Athens. You can reach us by ferry-boat from the town of Oropos on the mainland or by driving over the Chalkis bridge. On the way you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the Island of Dreams taking in great sea views and then visit the archaeological museum and the ancient theater of Eretria. Follow the coastal road to Malakonda and after 4km you will reach our winery. There, we will be happy to give you a tour of our cellars and bottling plant, while in our tasting room you will be able to sample our entire line of wines, from newer to older vintages. For the full experience visit our restaurant and enjoy the traditional cooking of grandma Lykos, who in the past 45 years has gained a dedicated following, complementing her mouthwatering specialties with our award winning wines.